Serqet in Shrine.

It’s been about a month since I’ve had something to say here.  Normally I would feel bad about that, but I’ve come to the realisation that sometimes, there just isn’t anything to say.

However, I do have some really good news today, and some photos.  I’ve been working with Nicolas of the etsy shop, Shadow of the Sphinx, and together we’ve been designing and creating statues for my shrine that will honor my Family.  The first piece was completed last week, and arrived yesterday.

This piece is for Serqet, and is comprised of four figures to honor the Kemetic number of completion.  The four figures are the forms that Serqet is known for, the poisonous creatures that are most associated with Her – Snake, Spider, and Scorpion.  I chose to have it painted in a dark burgundy with the gold overtones that the rest of Nic’s pieces are known for.

This is the first picture of it as a work in progress, and features the snake as the central figure. If you look at her coils, you can see that they form the symbol for infinity.  This was something that Nicolas added in on his own, and I ended up being a huge fan of.

This is a photo of the next stage, with all four of the forms present on the base.  When I was originally trying to come up with the design, I couldn’t quite figure out how I wanted it all placed together so that it would seem like a cohesive piece.  I threw my concepts to Nicolas though, and he was the one who came up with the spider resting on the snake’s coils, and once I had that image in my head solidly, I was able to picture the whole thing better, and knew that I wanted the snake flanked by the scorpions in a protective pose.

This stage kind of makes me laugh a little because the spider is barely formed, and as someone who has always been pretty frightened of spiders, it just doesn’t look scary at all at this point.  I really loved the scorpions right from the start though, and now kind of wish that I had suggested no claws, because I think they look pretty awesome in this stage, and from what I’ve read, often the scorpions were depicted either without claws, or their stinger, depending.

This is the finished product, painted.  The lighting in this photo is pretty bad, and it doesn’t do the coloring much justice, unfortunately.  Receiving the package was quite hilarious too.  I went outside on our back porch to open it with my mom nearby, and my enthusiasm was noticeable, so she asked me what it was that I had gotten.  I told her it was my first statue for my shrine, and she must have forgotten that I already showed her some preliminary photos because she got excited too.  Of course, when I pulled it out she recoiled and laughed.  My mom is not a fan of the creepy crawly, less so than even I.

The one thing that was out of order was one of the legs of a scorpion broke off in transit, despite Nic’s careful packaging.  With all the appendages though, it’s not as though I didn’t expect something to break off.  It was an easy fix, just a drop of super glue on each end, and holding it in place for a minute or two.  I’m still a little paranoid that I perhaps glued it back on upside down or something, but my mom has reassured me that it looks just fine, and as creepy as it’s meant to.  XD

My shrine area had gotten a bit cluttered over the last month – I’m pretty bad at putting things back where they go when I’m finished with them, so I had scattered candies and other food offerings in various bags under the shrine table, as well as a bowl of used matches and wrappers creating quite a mess.  I cleaned the whole area up, and organized it back the way that it was meant to be, before rearranging the actual shrine so that I could make a place for this new piece.  As soon as I placed it, it felt perfect.  I was a little worried that it wouldn’t measure up or something, or that when it was in place I would realise that I didn’t like it, but nope!  It’s just the right thing, it seems, and I’m very happy.

One step closer to having everyone I love within my shrine, both divine and human.  ^.^


4 thoughts on “Serqet in Shrine.

  1. Wow, I have loved seeing the progress pics! It really is such a magnificent and unique piece ^_^ I love all the symbolism you have put into it. Your shrine is looking great! I can’t wait to see the one of your Father ^_^

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