Ten-Days Project – Khonsu

Last week the House celebrated All the gods in dua.  We were asked by Reverend Sedjemes to choose a god (or a few) that we are not familiar with, but wish to know better, and spend the next ten days honoring and reaching out to Them.

My first god of choice is Khonsu.  I’ve felt odd ties to him since the beginning of my journey.  His name just kept popping out at me at random times, but when He didn’t appear in my line-up, I thought perhaps I was mistaken about His presence in my life.  Tonight though, I’ve done some light reading, and I think that I was definitely not wrong.

Khonsu is a god of the moon, often considered THE god of the moon – and the god that played Senet against Djehuty when he was trying to win time to for Nut to give birth to Her children.  It is also thought that He keeps tracks of those who will die during the year, and is feared because of it.

He takes a few different forms – as a young mummified man with a side-lock and a crescent moon headdress, as an adult man with a falcon head, and also sometimes as a baboon (when he was depicted in his role as Keeper of the Books of the End of the Year).

It comes to no surprise to me that He has been hovering in my mind – the falcon, both as a bird and as a symbol, has a special place in my heart and in my life in general.  Djehuty is one of my Beloveds, and Khonsu is closely associated with Him – to the extent that they both represent many of the same things.

To honor Him tonight, I will burn some candles and offer cool water.  Over the next few days I hope to find a few things that will be suitable to present to Him on a more formal level, and I will spend more time tomorrow trying to learn what I can about Him.   If anyone has any suggestions, stories, or knowledge to share,  I’d love to hear it.  🙂


One thought on “Ten-Days Project – Khonsu

  1. I’m getting to know Khonsu for the Tendays project too. He’s also known for chasing away bad spirits so I’ve asked him, and he agreed, to watch the corner of my property at the intersection. I can almost see him shining out there. 🙂 I look forward to reading what else you learn!

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