This is the place to find definitions for words you may not know that show up in my blog, or any other page on this site.  It will likely be a constant work in progress as I update my blog.  If you are looking for a word that does not appear in this list, please leave a comment so I can add it for you.

Kemet – The word used by ancient Egyptians for their country.  It translates to “Black Land.”  Egypt is the English form of the Greek name.  While it is still “correct”, we at the House of Netjer use the term Kemet, because it is the name used by its own people.

Kemetic Orthodox – The modern practice of ancient Egyptian religion as created and founded by Tamara L. Suida.  It is the current faith I belong to, though it is not the only Kemetic faith in existence.

Netjer – The Kemetic word for God. Identifies the gods and goddesses of Kemet as a single unit that we know as the Self-Created One.  The plural is Netjeru.  You may also see me refer to Them as the Names.

Remetj – The first rank within the hierarchy of the Kemetic Orthodox faith.  A Remetj has completed the beginner’s class and has chosen to be a part of the Kemetic Orthodox community.  They are not required to go any further if they do not wish, but may still be an active member of the community, including attending religious festivals and rites, and posting on the private sections of the website associated with the faith.

Shemsu – The second rank within the hierarchy of the Kemetic Orthodox faith.  A Shemsu has completed the Ritual of Parent Divination and accepted the outcome, and has taken a vow to worship their Parent(s) and Beloved(s) first and foremost over any other Netjer or deities in other pantheons.  A Shemsu is not required to leave any other faith they may participate in.

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