Akhu Shrine

One of the cornerstones of the Kemetic Orthodox faith is the veneration of our ancestors, known as the Akhu (Shining Ones).   The Akhu exist as spirits of the dead in the Unseen World, commonly known in the Kemetic world as Duat.  In Kemetic Orthodox it is believed that the Akhu take a personal interest in our lives, and that we can and should ask them to intercede in our lives during hard times, and otherwise ask them for support and guidance.  In addition to this, we make offerings to them on a weekly basis at minimum, and daily if we so wish.  The Akhu thrive on the respect, love, and attention we give them in shrine and offerings.  It is believed that an ignored Akh is likely to create havoc in our lives.

In addition to a physical shrine in my home for my Akhu, I have decided to create this digital version as another way to honor them.

Hail Akhu, shining down from the vault of Nut!

Hail to my Akhu, both those close to my heart and those of long forgotten times.  You shine down on me and mine from the vault of Nut, blessing my life each and every day.  I dedicate this space to you with respect and honor.  May you always rest peacefully.

If you are interested in paying respect to your own family, the House of Netjer has a public site where you can dedicate a letter to your own Akhu located here.  This page is for members of the House, but there is also a separate section for guests to make dedications as well.

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